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How color LCD produce color

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2018

The color of the color liquid crystal display is the light emitted by the backlight through the color filter and then synthesized light, controlling the proportion of different color light to obtain different colors. The light passing through the color filter not only changes color, but also the wavelength.


Measure the color coordinates of the red screen, green screen, and blue screen of the display screen, and then calculate, you can get the color gamut index. The color gamut is inversely proportional to the transmittance of the display, and the higher the color gamut, the more difficult it is for the display to achieve high brightness.

The difference between one domain and two domains


Liquid crystal displays will have the problem of color deviation when viewing from a large viewing angle, because the liquid crystal molecules are rod-shaped, and the refraction of light at different angles is different. Double chips are designed to change this problem, where liquid crystal molecules within the same subpixel are arranged in two different directions and rotate in different directions when working, thus counteracting this bias due to different viewing angles.


Another way to improve the problem of bias is to arrange the pixels of different rows at different angles, which can also have good results.


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