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Home Theater Plasma TV or Video Projector Wiring Diagrams and Connection Guide

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Aug 31, 2015

【R&D Department of Blaze Display】Hooking up a plasma TV or video projector for a Home Theater is not a difficult task. The first items you should learn is the different connectors you will be using.

When selecting video and audio cables it is important that you do not get cheap junk, There is no need to spend $500 on a 3 foot component cable but don$$$t try to get away with $5 dollar junk either. Name brand cables such as Monster , Phoenix Gold etc will work well for a reasonable price. Expect to spend about $100 to $150 for a full 6 ft kit of all the necessary cables  and  $200 to $300  if your run is around 18ft.or so.  Runs above 18 ft for video will require very expensive cables and possibly video boosters. 
 There are three basic methods of hooking up a plasma display or video projector.

1.Free standing with no surround receiver. Sound is provided by optional plasma or computer speakers

2.Using a regular stereo or surround sound receiver without component video switching

3.Using a Home Theater surround sound receiver with component video switching* to provide sound and act as a video switch. 
 * For full HDTV operation the surround receiver should be capable of  100 mhz video switching but it many unit that are not 100mhz will work fine

Your plasma display or video projector can be powered by DVD player,  HDTV receivers, Analog satellite,  digital cable box , personal computer(PC or MAC). In order to watch regular cable you will require a external tuner box of some form.  VCR$$$s can be used on a plasma screen to watch video tape  but only if S-VHS. A standard VHS vcr will look terrible on a plasma or a projector.

Wiring Diagram for Plasma TV with no stereo or surround receiver

Wiring Diagram for Plasma TV with surround receiver with component video switching

We have prepared the following charts as a guide to help you purchase the correct video and audio cables 
 In the examples we will presume that the plasma is 6 ft from your sources.

 Direct to Plasma, No Stereo receiver Surround sound receiver with component switching:
 Please allow 1 component cable and 1 S-video from receiver to plasma ( 6ft)*
 VideoAudio VideoAudio
DVD Player

Component Cable 6ft 
 3 BNC

RCA Audio 6ft

Component Cable 6ft 
 3 BNC

Optical cable 3ft
HDTV ReceiverComponent Cable 6ft and 3 BNC or VGARCA Audio 6ftComponent Cable3ft and 3 BNC or VGAOptical cable 3ft
PC/ MACHD15 (VGA) 6FtMinijack to RCA 6ftHD15 (VGA)  (direct to plasma)Minijack to RCA 3 ft
Satellite (non HD)S-Video 6ftRCA Audio 6ftS-Video 3ftRCA Audio 3ft or Optical cable 3ft
Digital Cable (non HD)S-Video 6ft RCA Audio 6ftS-Video 3ftRCA Audio 3ft or Optical cable 3ft
S-VHS VCRS-Video 6ft RCA Audio 6ftS-Video 3ftRCA Audio 3ft
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