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Irish effort seeks to deploy LCD separation equipment

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Jul 17, 2017

【R&D Department of Blaze Display】An automated LCD disassembly machine is gearing up to be presented to the public after several years in development.

The Trumaster-ALR can process up to 80 LCD units per hour, separating the LCD shell, mercury-containing CCFL tubes and flat-panel display.

LCDs have been a growing portion of the waste stream for the past few years, as more of the devices reach end of life. The Trumaster-ALR handles a stream that’s currently disassembled manually or sent into an advanced shredder. Automated disassembly is attractive for its speed and valuable output.

Next week, the Trumaster-ALR will be presented publicly for the first time at the Dublin facilities of Allied Automation, a partner in the European Commission-funded Revolv Project, which aims to push the technology into the marketplace.

Lisa O’Donoghue of Votechnik, which is manufacturing the equipment, said the machine being demonstrated is the scaled-up and market-ready version of the technology, and Votechnik will be in a position to take sales orders.

The ultimate goal is “to correctly position the technology in the marketplace leading to full scale commercialisation,” according to a project summary.

Advancing the technology

The equipment has been in research and development since 2009, when it began as a collaboration between the Irish Environmental Protection Agency, recycling companies, the University  of Limerick and others. The research resulted in ALR Innovations, a company led by O’Donoghue that is developing a prototype machine.

ALR Innovations evolved into Votechnik, which is now the lead coordinator on the Revolv Project. The effort is co-financed by the European Union’s Eco-Innovation Programme, which put up half the total budget of more than 1.5 million euros ($1.7 million).

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