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Digitimes Research: Mini LEDs to be initially used in backlighting for automotive displays

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Aug 08, 2017

【R&D Department of Blaze Display】Mini LEDs, with much higher yield rates than those for Micro LEDs, are expected to come into commercial production next year, with initial application expected to be backlighting of LCD automotive displays, according to Digitimes Research.

Mini LEDs range from 100-200 microns in size, larger than sub-30-micron Micro LEDs. The former's much larger size makes them less difficult in mass transfer and mass inspection, offering higher yield rates,Digitimes Research indicated.

As compared with conventional LEDs used in direct-type backlighting, Mini LEDs offfer better display quality, more flexibility for device design and curved-surface screens, less power consumption and visibility under strong sunlight.

For direct-type backlighting of automotive displays, a single panel will use several thousand to over 10,000 Mini LED chips and there will be monthly global demand for an estimated 15.56 billion Mini LED chips in the first year of commercial use.

The estimated global demand will need production capacity support of about 48 4-inch MOCVD sets for 200-micron x 200-micron equvilanets assuming yield rates of 85-90% and almost 30 MOCVD sets for 150-micron x 150-micron equivalents at yield rates of 80-85%.

Prices for a conventional LED backlight unit (BLU) for a 10-inch or above LCD automotive display stand at US$2.7-3.6 currently. Without considering yield rates, prices for a BLU made of 150-micron x 150-micron and 200-micron x 200-micron LED chips are estimated at US$11.50 and US$19.40 respectively. The large price gap accounts for little of the total cost for a car but makes a big difference if Mini LED chips are used in displays of smart wearable devices, IT devices and LCD TVs, and this is why Mini LEDs are expected to be initially adopted for BLUs for automotive display.

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