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The future of displays: OLED is the technology to beat, but LCD will continue to dominate

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2017

【R&D Department of Blaze Display】OLED remains the quality standard that every manufacturer aspires to as the flat-panel industry pursues bigger, brighter, slimmer, faster, and cheaper displays. But that last goal—cheaper—will lead to manufacturers churn out LCDs more than anything else. That’s the conclusion we reached at the end of last week’s USFPD 2015 conference, put on by the market-research firm IHS Technology.

Spectacular color, but still pricey

OLED continues to be a rave success in picture quality, and a major disappointment in terms of production costs and longevity. Manufacturers still are not seeing good yields (the ratio of viable LED layers produced for each dud), and the relatively short lifespan of the blue OLED (three are used for each pixel: red, green, and blue) continues to complicate the manufacturing process.

LCDs were grudgingly admitted to remain the future, if and until, and possibly regardless if OLED tech can overcome its challenges. LCDs are easy to produce, but low pixel density amorphous silicone LCDs will remain the majority of products shipped for the near future. Low-Temperature Poly-Silicon types, with their ability to fit more pixels per inch (up to about 500PPI, or what’s sometimes referred to as Retina), will remain in second place, with metal-oxide types making inroads.


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