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JDI Unveils “Full Active” LCD Display For Bezel-less Phones

Edit: Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd.      Date: Aug 18, 2016

Japan Display Inc.(JDI) has announced its development of a new display technology known as a “Full Active” panel. The new design boasts that it can reduce the width of the bottom bezel down to as narrow as the other three sides, potentially reducing the size of smartphones using this display type. To coincide with the announcement, the company also introduced a 5.5-inch 1080p LCD display for smartphones built on this technology.

The “Full Active” name seems to be a bit of misnomer though. The display technology still appears to operate using the traditional LCD active-matrix method of controlling individual pixels using capacitors and transistors.

Instead, JDI says that it has managed to decrease the bezel requirements for its new display by adopting a new high-density wiring layout, along with new processing and module assembly technologies. Essentially, the company has managed to pack extra wiring into the display itself, which reduces the extra space usually required at the bottom of the LCD.

JDI states that it aims to begin mass production of its new display come the end of March 2017, leaving room to see new ultra-slim bezel smartphones later next year.

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