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Blaze Stars At The 4th Quarter Of 2016

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Jan 23, 2017

Time flies! The Four Quarters have been just past like flowing water. It’s high time for Blaze to welcome its new Stars at the last quarter of 2016. Last week, a new round of Staff Performance Awards has been successfully held on 16 January 2017.

Let’s warmly congratulate our Three Stars over the period of 4th quarter!

Top Winner: Elena;

Second Winner: Alpha;

Third Winner: Selina.

“Wow, I’m just so surprised to get this award, the best new year’s gift I’ve ever obtained! Elena said and smiled at the same time. Yes, she deserved it since she has been worked really hard and always tried her best to meet the highest standard!

It’s not his first time to win the second award for staff performance, Alpha, one of the most humorous sales of Blaze team, seems quite calm this time, that is always his belief, “ Keep Calm and Move on!”

Selina, Blaze key person from the engineer team, has helped us to advance LCD technology in just a short time when she joined Blaze Group.

We are looking for more surprises to come at the new quarter of 2017, and ready to meet more challenges in the new year!




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