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The Principle Of 12864 LCD Display

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 16, 2017

LCD as a display device, with its unique advantages are widely used in instruments,

meters, electronic devices and other low-power products. In the past, most of the display parts of the measurement and control instruments adopted the LED type liquid crystal display to set the parameters and display the results. The displayed information showed a small amount of information, a single form, poor man-machine interaction and high operator requirements. The liquid crystal display (LCD) has the advantages of low power consumption, small size, light weight, ultra-thin and programmable drive and other display methods can not be compared, not only can display numbers, characters, you can also display a variety of graphics, curves, and Chinese characters , And can scroll up, down, left and right, animation, flashing, text feature display and other functions; man-machine interface is more friendly, more flexible and convenient operation, making it increasingly become the preferred display device for smart instrumentation and test equipment.

12864 LCD display, Chinese font with 128X64 is a 4/8 bit parallel, 2-wire or 3-wire serial interface with a variety of ways, the internal contains a GB, two simplified Chinese font dot matrix liquid crystal display module; its display Resolution 128 & TImes; 64, built-in 8192 16 * 16 points Chinese characters, and 128 16 * 8 points ASCII character set. The use of the module flexible interface and simple, convenient operation instructions, can form a full Chinese interactive graphical interface. Can display 8 & TImes; 4 lines 16 & TImes; 16 dot matrix Chinese characters. Can also complete the graphical display. Low voltage and low power consumption is another significant feature. Compared with the same type of dot matrix liquid crystal display module of the same type, the liquid crystal display scheme formed by the module is much simpler regardless of hardware circuit structure or display program, and the price of the module is also slightly lower than that of the same dot matrix liquid crystal module .


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