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Strip Intelligent: What Is The Creative LCD Display

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Dec 06, 2017

The creative LCD display is derived from a traditional display screen and has a LED display with a special display shape. On the basis of the conventional LCD display, the creative LCD display has broken the icy shape of the traditional square screen splicing system, and it can be stitched into various irregular shapes to show some creative contents. The following strip intelligence will bring you a deeper understanding of the creative LCD display.

1. The installation environment of creative LCD display

The creative LCD display can select a specific installation based on the overall structure and environment of the building, and the size can be customized according to the requirements of the site. In appearance, the creative LED display can not only attract the audience's eyeballs for the first time, so as to achieve better publicity effect, but also better expand the application scope of large screen mosaic.

2, the type of creative LCD display

In our city, we can see different shapes of creative LCD display: raster screen, flexible screen, bar screen, transparent screen, naked eye 3D display, LCD heteromorphic display, etc., creative display is emerging in LCD market.

3. Application scope of creative LCD display

Technically, creative LCD displays not only need the core technology of the LCD display, but also need to enrich the art modeling, structural mechanics and experience. Creative LCD display will be applied to a variety of applications in future, such as city light sculpture, environmental art, architectural appearance, interior decoration etc.. LCD creative display is one of the most important ways to show the culture and personality in the future.

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