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How To Maintain The LCD Screen?

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Dec 21, 2017

LCD is popular with consumers because of its super definition, lightweight body, beautiful and energy saving characteristics. It also quickly enters from the consumer group to the industrial field, and is widely used in human-machine interaction and other fields. Although many people are familiar with it, they may not know how to maintain it. Many users are in the wrong way to damage the display screen or reduce the life of the machine. How to maintain LCD screen? The following details are described as follows:

1. Water is the first "natural enemy" of the LCD screen

Water can be said to be the first "natural enemy" of liquid crystal. You should have had this experience. If the LCD of mobile phone or electronic watch enters or works in a humid environment, the digital image in the display will become blurred or even invisible. It can be seen that the destructive force of water vapor on the LCD screen is amazing. So we should put the LCD in a more dry environment and not let the tide get into the LCD.

2. Away from the fire source

The fire here refers to the high voltage of the liquid crystal display. Never attempt to remove or change the LCD display. Even after LCD has been shut down for a long time, the CFL converter in the background lighting module may still have a 1000V high voltage, which is absolutely a dangerous value for the human body.

3. Keep the screen clean

The liquid crystal is easily stained with dust. A long time to become a big painted face, together with the nature. If it is found that there are stains on the surface of the display, wipe it gently with soft cloth dipped in water. Do not sprinkle the water directly on the screen. When the water enters the LCD, it will cause short circuit.


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