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Why Do BOE Invest OLED?

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

As early as 2014, BOE Chairman Wang Dongsheng openly said: "BOE spent five years, independent research and development on AMOLED innovative technology, and now has broken through the technical bottlenecks and put into 5.5 AMOLED production line, we have to dare to innovate, the Chinese AMOLED industry to do is to be the global leader."

According to the home network understand that the past few years, one side is to strengthen the competitiveness of LCD panels, while the future of the OLED industry piling, BOE A panel project investment and production line has been in high-speed operation.

December 2015, BOE's 10.5 generation LCD panel production line in Hefei foundation. BOE's 10.5-generation line mainly produces 65-inch large-size ultra-high-definition LCD screen, designed for 90,000 glass substrates per month, glass substrate size of 3370 × 2940mm, a total investment of 40 billion yuan, is expected in 2018. The second quarter put into operation, when BOE will have the world's highest era of LCD panel production line, the company is also expected to surpass the world's top three display industry.
May 5, May 8, Chengdu BOE 6th generation LTPS / AMOLED production line project in Chengdu High-tech Zone West Park officially started construction, the project plans a total investment of 22 billion yuan, the target product for high-end mobile phone display and emerging mobile display products, The project construction period is two years and is expected to be put into operation in the second quarter of 2017. 

According to market research firm IHS forecast, by 2018, Chinese manufacturers in the OLED market share from 2% in 2015 jumped to 15%. Including the BOE (BOE), CSOT (Huaxing photoelectric), Tianma (Tianma), including the Chinese panel giants are in a series of OLED investment planning to seize the market in the near future.


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