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New Full-Automatic Production Line Operates in Blaze Factory

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Dec 14, 2016

Here is a good event happens at Blaze factory! A new full-automatic production line operates recently in our polarizer-attachment workshop.

This remarkable achievement is the result of our R&D Department and the equipment supplier 9-month efforts, which is the first in the production line industry with intellectual property.

The workers stuck polarizers by hand, in the traditional and tiring way, now is complete changed by the new technology.

The well-cut panels are neatly put into a conveyor belt, when reach the specific location of automatic polarizer-attachment machine, they are automatically position-matched and stuck with the polarizers. Fast and accurately, when the attachment process finishes, the machine resets and the panels are transferred to the next process.

Workers used to stick 1500 polarizers per day, now the number reaches 37,000 per day with the machine! The capacity doubles more than 20 times! The workload done by 30 some people now can be finished by only 3 people! All the three people need to do is to monitor the machines and make sure they are operating normally.

The labor cost, therefore, will be controlled to a certain degree. The production progress will improve a lot. This advantage will help Blaze win more opportunities in the future.

It is just a beginning ! Blaze is rapidly developing. The machine introduction indicates that Blaze is focusing on the R&D force. In the future there will be more high-tech technology and machines introduced into the factory. All the efforts contributes to the cost reduction, technique improvement and quality guarantee, which enables Blaze more competitive in the LCD market.

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