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Sharp Sticks With LCD For High-end Devices

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

Japanese manufacturer Sharp will continue to using LCD (liquid crystal display) screen technology for its high-end TV panels, bucking a trend to move to OLED (organic light-emitting diode) among its competitors, especially the South Korean manufacturers.

According to Sharp Indonesia general manager Haruhiko Sano, the LCD screen still is still a good choice for 8K TV, as OLED screens still have a durability issue.

"Basically, an LCD panel lasts up to 10 years without any repair, while OLED does not," he told The Jakarta Post at Sharp-Y&D Setyohadi Stylish Painting Dinnerware event in Jakarta on Wednesday.

One of the consequences of using LCD is that the screen needs to be flat, while OLED screens can be curved, like those offered by Korean manufacturers LG and Samsung.

Responding to the possibility that the later technology may receive wider public interest due to its flexibility, Sharp Indonesia assistant brand manager Singo Horiuchi said the company was not afraid of losing market share.

"In the high end market, technology is everything, and customers care more about resolution than the type of the screen," he said.

However, the high-resolution 8K technology is still not available in many devices, despite some camera makers like GoPro rumored to launch 8K cameras this year. Moreover, the price is still high, with one 8K TV from Sharp costing customers Rp 180 million.

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