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Taiwan Government Aims To Install 3 Million Low-voltage Smart Power Meters In 2024

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Oct 08, 2016

The Taiwan government, in line with energy saving and reduction in carbon emission policies, aims to install 200,000 low-voltage (110V) smart power meters in 2017, one million units in 2020 and three million units in 2024, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs. 

Taipower has to bear the costs of procuring meters, setting up control centers, and setting up wireless communications infrastructure. Procurement costs for a smart power meter is expected to decrease from NT$6,500 (US$206) at present to NT$4,500 if volumes increase to one million units. In addition, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the National Communications Commission have consented to appropriate dedicated frequency bands for wireless communications between smart power meters and Taipower's control centers. 

Based on Taipower's evaluation, low-voltage smart power meters are cost-effective for users consuming at least 1,000-1,500kWh a month.

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