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Why Is The OLED Screen So Popular That It Will Replace LCD?

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Speaking of the screen, everyone knows that there is a trend, that is, the OLED screen will replace the LCD, and the OLED screen is currently the world of South Korea, Samsung accounts for 90% of the mobile phone OLED screen, and LG accounts for 70% of the TV OLED screen. The domestic OLED screen is basically only thunder, the rain is small, only the sound is heard, and the screen is not seen. Every day, it is said that it is chasing, but the domestic machine is not used. The reason is that the technology is not enough.

So many people ask why the OLED screen will replace the LCD screen? What are the advantages of it? Obviously, LCD screens are much cheaper. For example, from the perspective of TV, there are more than 2000 TVs with 55-inch LCDs, and tens of thousands of OLED screens.

In fact, the advantages of OLED screens relative to LCDs, really only three:

1, the screen is self-illuminating, so the color display is better, more power saving

The principle of LCD is illuminated by the light behind it, while the OLED is self-illuminating on the screen. It only shines when it is powered on, so it is better in color display, especially in displaying black, true pure black, because the screen is not directly Illumination is just that, this is the effect that LCD can't reach.

So many OLEDs are powered by black on the back, so this is the first advantage of OLED.

2, the screen is thinner

We know that the LCD needs a screen, a backlight layer, so that the thickness is higher, and the OLED is self-illuminating on the screen, and the backlight layer is less, so that it can be made thin.

Because it is thin, it can be used more for mobile phones, TVs, etc., which is more conducive to the design and experience of these devices, especially on mobile phones, thinner is a very big advantage.

3, bendable

The LCD is impossible to bend. Because of the existence of the backlight, these backlight layers cannot be bent, but the OLED can be used because it itself emits light by the power-off of the screen itself, which is the property of the material itself.

The curved screen is the future trend, which can be widely used on curved screens, folding screens, etc., and this is also the development form of mobile phones and televisions in the future, so it is inevitable to replace LCD.

In addition, OLED can also sound on the screen. As for this, it may not be a special advantage. These three advantages alone represent energy saving, better experience, and better quality, so it will be so hot.

Of course, now, the cost of OLED is still too high, and the technical requirements are also higher. This is why domestic manufacturers can't make OLEDs. In addition, from the perspective of screen life, OLEDs are not as good as LCDs, but I believe that with the advancement of technology, OLEDs are replaced. LCD is a trend, what do you think?


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