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Will Apple Finally Abandon LCD Display And Embrace The Innovative OLED Display?

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 28, 2016

Apple has been using LCD display on its iPhones like the iPhone 5 and the latest iPhone 7. The tech giant is yet to venture on using the innovative OLED display. Though it is rumored that Apple is already working on the new display technology.


The decision to leave the era of LCD display for iPhones is reflected by a DisplayMate Technologies expert. Raymond Soneira said that in an email to Forbes that "Apple has taken the iPhone LCD display as far as it can go." He said that Apple has to start utilizing OLED displays into their upcoming iPhones. Otherwise, it will not "stay at the leading edge of smartphone innovation."

Sharp's President Tai Jeng-wu agreed as he addressed students at Tatung  University, according to Nikkei. Tai was awarded an honorary doctorate degree and mentioned Apple's iPhones. Though Tai did not exactly say which upcoming iPhone will have the OLED display, he confirmed that iPhone "has been evolving" and it is switching to OLED panels. He also said that regardless if the OLED iPhones will be hugely successful, the tech company has to walk down that path. Or else, "there will be no innovation". Tai added that "it is a crisis but it is also an opportunity".

The crisis is actually real for Apple. Its iPhone sales has been declining. The whole smartphone market is suffering the same fate. Based on the global research firm International Data Corporation's preliminary data, iPhone shipments fell from 48 million units to only 45.5 million in the third quarter of 2016. Furthermore, its market share is down from last year's 13.4 percent to 12.5 percent. Forbes further reports that the first annual sales decline since 2001 may have been caused by weakening demand of iPhones. It also does not help that the latest Apple iPhone 7 product lacks innovative features.

Soneira added that OLED also provides amazing image quality with its image contrast accuracy and screen uniformity. Among other advantages are a really fast response time, better viewing angles and an always-on display mode. If the rumors are true that Apple will create an OLED iPhone, perhaps the upcoming iPhone 8 next year, then it will certainly keep up with the growing competitions of OLED display among smartphone manufacturers.

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