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  • Character LCD Display BCB0802-04

    Contact NowCharacter LCD Display BCB0802-04Part Number: BCB0802-04 Tech: COB Outline size(mm): 33.70 × 44.40 × 8.90 Viewing Area: 26.50 × 12.20 Active Area: 23.80 × 8.48 Controller IC: AIP31066 or Eqv. Interface: Parallel BL: LED Remarks: 2×7PINRead More

  • Character LCD Display BCB0801-03

    Contact NowCharacter LCD Display BCB0801-03Part Number: BCB0801-03 Tech: COB Outline size(mm): 85.00 × 29.00 × 13.00 Viewing Area: 64.00 × 16.50 Active Area: 60.40 × 12.10 Controller IC: SPLC780D or Eqv. Interface: Parallel BL: LED Remarks: 2×7PINRead More

  • Character LCD Display BCB0801-04

    Contact NowCharacter LCD Display BCB0801-04Part Number: BCB0801-04 Tech: COB Outline size(mm): 80.00 × 36.00 × 13.50 Viewing Area: 38.00 × 16.00 Active Area: 35.18 × 8.28 Controller IC: SPLC780D or Eqv Interface: Parallel BL: LED Remarks: 1×16PINRead More

  • Segment LCD Display Modules

    Contact NowSegment LCD Display ModulesSegment LCD Display ModulesRead More

  • TN LCD Display Glass Panel

    Contact NowTN LCD Display Glass PanelTwisted Nematic (TN) LCDs TN displays have a 90° or less twist (the rotation of the molecules from one plane of the display to the other). All passive direct drive, active matrix, and most passive low level (x2 to x32) multiplexed LCDs have a 90° twist. The basic Twisted Nematic (TN) LCD...Read More

  • HTN LCD Display Glass Panel

    Contact NowHTN LCD Display Glass PanelHTN (High Twisted Nematic) displays with a higher molecular twist (usually 110°) than TN (90°) offer wider viewing angles and better contrast. In fact, HTN products' viewing characteristics are close to those of STN technology. As low operating voltage as 2.5V and marginal extra cost over TN...Read More

  • STN LCD Display Glass Panel

    Contact NowSTN LCD Display Glass PanelSuper Twisted Nematic (STN) LCDs Although Twisted Nematic LCDs may be driven in a time multiplexed fashion to increase the display information, they are restricted in terms of reduced contrast and limited viewing angle. To achieve more highly multiplexed displays, super twist technology is...Read More

  • FSTN LCD Display Glass Panel

    Contact NowFSTN LCD Display Glass PanelFilm Compensated Super Twisted Nematic (FSTN) LCDs The most recent advance has been the introduction of Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic (FSTN) displays. It adds a retardation film on the STN display that compensates for the color added by the birefringence effect. This enables a black and...Read More

  • VATN LCD Display Glass Panel

    Contact NowVATN LCD Display Glass PanelVATN (also named EBTN, Enhanced Black TN) LCD technology is one of the best negative image, high contrast display technologies. VATN has a super high contrast ration at 1000:1. This exceeds conventional negative TN, STN and FSTN technology. The high performance of VATN LCD provides an ideal...Read More

  • LED Backlight Display

    Contact NowLED Backlight DisplayInto 21st century, backlight has achieved rapid development and gradually entered industrial stage. When it is compared to CCFL, LED has an obviously advantage on energy saving. As one of the most important fittings in liquid crystal products, LED backlight also achieved rapid development with...Read More

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