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The Development Of the Display

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2018

The development of the display has reached today, from monochrome to color, from blur to clear, from small to large, undergoing countless changes. Various manufacturers have continuously improved and perfected the production technology of displays in order to ensure that their products can adapt to the changing consumer psychology and behavior of consumers.


In short, more product forms, higher product quality, and more comprehensive product performance will be the inevitable trend of future display development. Let us wait and see and continue to pay attention to the development process of displays.


The display is roughly classified as follows:


1.      CRT display


It is a display using a cathode ray tube. The cathode ray tube is mainly composed of five parts: an electron gun, reflection coils, a shadow mask, and a phosphor layer. And glass enclosure. It is one of the most widely used displays at present. LCD flat screen displays with large viewing angles, no dead pixels, high color reproduction, uniform chromaticity, adjustable multi-resolution mode, and extremely short response time are difficult The advantages are more, and now the price of CRT monitors is much cheaper than LCD monitors. According to different standards, CRT displays can be divided into different types.


2.      LED display


LED is light emitting diode, the English abbreviation of light emitting diode, referred to as LED. It is a display screen used to display various information such as text, graphics, images, animations, quotes, videos, and video signals by controlling the display mode of semiconductor light emitting diodes.


3.      LCD display


The LCD display is a liquid crystal display, which has the advantages of thin body, small footprint and small radiation, giving the image of a healthy product. However, the actual situation is not the case. The use of LCD screens may not necessarily protect your eyes. This depends on the habits of each person using the computer.

LCD Display made by Blaze


4, 3D display


3D display has always been recognized as the ultimate dream of the development of display technology, and many companies and research institutions have been engaged in research in this area for many years. Developed countries and regions such as Japan, Europe, the United States, and South Korea have been involved in the development of stereo display technology since the 1980s. They have gradually obtained research results in the 1990s. Two stereo display technology systems of glasses. Traditional 3D movies have two sets of images on the screen (derived from two cameras at an angle when shooting), and the viewer must wear a polarizer to eliminate ghosting (so that one eye is only affected by one set of images ) To form a parallax and produce a three-dimensional effect.

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