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Types Of Touch Screen

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Types of touch screen according to various forms can be divided into several categories, one is according to the working principle of the touch screen and the transmission of information media, we put the touch screen into four types, they are resistance type, capacitance induction type, infrared type and surface acoustic wave type; Second, the touch screen can be divided into: external, built-in and integral; The touch screen can be divided into five basic categories: vector pressure sensing touch screen, resistance touch screen, capacitance touch screen, infrared touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen.

1.Install the difference

From the way of installation, touch screen can be divided into:

External touch screen. The touch detection device of touch screen system is directly installed in front of the display device. This touch screen is easy to install and very suitable for temporary use.

2.Built-in touch screen

It is to install the touch detection device in the shell of the display device, in front of the picture tube. When manufacturing display device, the touch detection device is made on the kinescope, so that the display device has the touch function directly, which is the integral touch screen.

3.Technical difference

Vector pressure sensing technology touch screen, resistance technology touch screen, capacitance technology touch screen, infrared technology touch screen, surface acoustic technology touch screen. One of the vector pressure sensing technology touch screen has retired from the stage of history;

Infrared technology touch screen price is low, but its outer frame fragile, easy to produce light interference, curved surface distortion;

The design of resistance technology touch screen is reasonable, but the problem of image distortion is difficult to be solved fundamentally.

The touch screen of capacitor technology is accurate in positioning, but its price is quite high, and it is not easy to be scratched.

Surface acoustic touch screen to solve the previous touch screen defects, clear is not easy to be damaged, suitable for various occasions, the disadvantage is the screen surface if there are water droplets and dust will make the touch screen become slow, or even do not work.


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