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How To Change Multi-Touch Screen To The Single Touch Screen?

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2018

The capacitor array of the transparent electrode is made of ITO material, and the finger touches the surface of the capacitive touch screen to change the inherent capacitance of the touch screen. The touch screen capacitance controller (IC) detects a change in capacitance,

And through the capacitance change rate of the capacitor array, the coordinates, intensity and other information of the touch are calculated.

The capacitance is detected by detecting the energy transmitted by the capacitor, and the output of the oscillator is applied to one end of the capacitor in the middle, and the signal detection processing circuit is connected to the other end of the capacitor, and the power is judged according to the level of the signal at the receiving point.

The size of the capacitor is detected by detecting whether there is an oscillator frequency. A very current source charges the capacitor, and a feedback control switch discharges the capacitor, and the capacitor voltage changes to shape the wave.

The market for capacitive touch screens is just a simple single-touch. The current touch screens are developed with multiple points, such as two fingers on the touch screen for reduction and other gestures.

It is also clear that there is a tendency to use larger touch screen panels in collaborative, multi-user applications, as well as touch sensors with performance.

First, the sensing capacitor is charged. Secondly, the charge of the sensing capacitor is transferred to another capacitor. The amount of the capacitor is detected by detecting the amount of charge transfer, and the capacitance of the single electrode itself is used.

Capacitance, one end is grounded, the other end is excited or sampling circuit, mutual capacitance, the two electrodes are used to transfer charge, usually one end is connected to the excitation, and the other end is connected to the sampling circuit.


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