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The Basic Application of Flexible Screen

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2018


Regarding to the forecast of relevant institutions, the shipment of LCDs used by automobiles in 2016 will reach 120 million units. By 2022, the global shipments of on-board displays will exceed the amazing 145 million units, and will grow by 2023.

Along with the high prosperity of the automobile market and the arrival of the Internet of Things technology era, on-board displays are gradually becoming the “third screen” for driving the growth of global panel demand. The traditional on-board display based on liquid crystal panel components is difficult to meet the increasingly rich scene interactions. The era of vehicle touch and large screen interaction has come, and the vehicle display technology has also shown diversified development.

At present, the OLED flexible display screen is rapidly ignited in the vehicle field after the OLED is mounted on the display technology throne, and has become an important technology to replace the liquid crystal technology as a vehicle display screen.

It is understood that flexible screens are basically used in five major fields, such as consumer electronics, smart home, sports fashion, automotive aviation, and architectural decoration. From the display industry, the whole machine manufacturer to the capital market, its expectation for flexible display lies in the imaginability of its physical deformation characteristics, which drive the change of the upstream supply chain and downstream terminal products.



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