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Research Of LCD Point Defects

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2018

The LCD glass can be roughly divided into three stages under the process of the manufacturing: array, cel1, and module. It is finished in a high-cleanness clean room, but some defects will inevitably appear on the LCD display. There are many reasons for these defects.

All links have defects. Pinhole defects and black dot defects formed in the box-forming stage are two more common point defects.

If vacuum bubbles are generated in the cell during liquid crystal filling, pinhole defects will be formed; if there are some particle clusters in the empty cell before liquid crystal filling, or when the liquid crystal is filled, some particle clusters are mixed into the box, causing black spot-like defects.

The core of the point defect will anchor the surrounding liquid crystal molecules, so it will inevitably affect the alignment of the liquid crystal molecules in a certain range.


The research found that the ability of different defect cores to influence the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules around them is greatly different, and the experimental phenomenon was demonstrated by extrapolating length theory and elastic long-range correlation theory.


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