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Six factors affecting the service life of LCD

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2018

1. CCFL (cold cathode lamp) of backlight is prone to aging, air leakage, breakage and other defects.

2. The screen driving circuit is prone to poor electrical performance due to electrical components, such as IC, capacitor, etc.

3. LCD display screen is prone to bright and dark spots, lines and other defects due to static electricity and foreign matters.

4. The aging of lamp tube is mainly distinguished according to brightness and color. The brightness of aging will decrease, and the color of white light is yellow. The aging of LCD is usually difficult to distinguish, and there will be bright and dark spots or line defects in serious cases.

5. LCD will be aged, because there are semiconductor components in it, and the LCD will also be aged.

6. The screen and backlight are separated, but they must not be repaired by themselves, because the assembly and disassembly of the screen and backlight are carried out in a dust-free room and antistatic environment, which is not feasible in ordinary environment, and the backlight should also be removed for the replacement of the lamp tube. If it has not been removed, it may cause damage to the optical materials. You can find a manufacturer to repair it. It's not very expensive to replace the lamp tube, but it's more expensive if the optical material inside is damaged.

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