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What is the best Sunlight readable display

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2018

To the display that used in outdoor, have you struggled to read the instructions on the display under sunlight? Difference to the display that using indoor, we need to use the sunlight readable display when in outdoor application. Since the strong sunlight outdoor, if we use the regular lcd display, it would be looked blurs because the interference of the strong sunlight to the lcd display, so we have to use the sunlight readable display in the outdoor screen.

What is sunlight readable display meaning?

Sunlight readable display means the display that could be read under sunlight, the sunlight readable display including the traditional LED display, and sunlight readable lcd display, and sunlight readable OLED display. We also call it daylight readable display. That is it could be cleared viewed under the strong sunlight without blur or color fade. A good sunlight readable display would be with high contrast, lower heat emission power saving.

What makes display sunlight readable?

There are two ways to get sunlight readability: 1) high brightness display to could be competed to the strong sunlight. 2) Transflective display that could be reused the strong sunlight in the outdoor.

1)    Sunlight readable OLED display or led display.

Traditional LED display is suitable for outside, but it cannot be in a high resolution, but organic led display(OLED) can be, all the OLED display is could be used for sunlight readable, but as sunlight readable OLED display, its cost would be more higher than lcd display, and LCD lifetime would be more than OLED display. So have to consider sunlight readable lcd display for many outdoor application.

Sunlight readable OLED display:

2) Sunlight readable lcd (monochrome lcd)

We have monochrome lcd and color lcd display, to monochrome lcd display, any character or graphic LCD that is “positive mode” will be sunlight readable.        Positive mode displays will have dark letters on a light background.

We always would be choose reflective lcd or transflective monochrome lcd, and its cost is almost similar to transmissive lcd, it is the common mode for monochrome lcd that used in outdoor.

The reflective lcd and transflective lcd is the lowest power consumption than other sunlight readable display, because reflective lcd no need the backlight, while transflective lcd only need the backlight in dark environment.

3) Sunlight readable tft display: (color lcd)

For color lcd display in daylight and outdoor application, we have to always choose sunlight readable tft display instead of oled display, because sunlight readable lcd display tft is lower cost than color oled display,  and long lifetime than oled display, tft lcd screen have full display colors than traditional monochrome lcd display, the high brightness TFT and transflective tft lcd display module would be a good solutions for sunlight readable outdoor display.






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