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LCD touch screen technology | TFT capacitive touch screen

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2018

We would introduce the new LCD touch screen technology, projected capacitive touch screen on the following article.


What is tft capacitive touch screen :

TFT capacitive touchscreen is tft lcd panel with capacitive touch screen, the capacitive touchscreen bring the multi-touch function to the tft lcd screen. Different to the traditional resistive touch, the tft capacitive touch screen is multi touch points, while resistive touch only one touch point.

What kinds of interface available for tft capacitive touch screen?

The tft capacitive touch screen can be with IC driver version and without IC driver version. If the IC driver not on the TFT capacitive touch screen, that means the IC driver need to be combined on the main controller system. The mainly tft lcd capacitive touch screen is with capacitive IC driver system, its interface has I2C interface or can be USB interface. To the small sizes capacitive touch screen, its interface is mainly in I2C interface, for larger sizes of capacitive touch, its interface could be I2C interface or USB interface.

How the capacitive touch screen connected to tft lcd screen?

The capacitive touch screen is stacked on the tft lcd display, there are two ways to make it, one is frame bonding, another one is optical bonding. The frame bonding means the capacitive touch screen attached on the tft screen by the double glue tapes via the lcd frame on the four sides. The optical bonding means the full lamination about the capacitive touch screen and tft lcd screen, that is the lamination is via OCA glue, and full lamination about the capacitive touch panel and tft lcd screen

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