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LCD module converts electrical stimulus into a visual signal, bringing life to your imagination. It enables display of ideas on screen, allowing a larger number of people to see the “magical experience.”


With technological advancements, LCD display panels and modules has become part of the devices used daily. This type of module is preferred over seven segment displays and other multi-segment LEDs because of the following reasons:


LCD module display is economical

It has no limitation when it comes to displaying special and custom characters

It is easily programmable

It can be used for high resolution animation

It is suitable for environments that brightly lit

It is energy efficient

It is thin and compact

It is aesthetically appealing



Touchscreen LCD display module has many characteristics that make it highly in-demand in the market. LCD is the preferred display with its increasing number of applications. Aside from its ability to produce very bright and sharp images, it also consumes little electricity and produces little heat. Now, to further understand the significance of LCD display module, let us discuss its daily applications.


1.      Clocks

Digital clocks are among the biggest transformations in the digital world. Thanks to LCD module, it became possible to display time and date in digital wall clocks. The modern digital clock system is widely used in hotels, commercial centers, stations, industrial sites, airports, and wherever these is a need to get accurate universal time.


2.      Cameras

LCD is used in digital cameras for displaying images. It makes it easier for you to see and evaluate whether you took a picture-perfect shot or you need to redo the process. The LCD works for reviewing the photos, displaying menu options, and serving as a live viewfinder.


3.      Computer monitors

Most modern computer monitors are made of LCD. LCD monitors are much thinner, uses less energy, and provides better color and viewing angles.


4.      Television

Televisions used to be hot, heavy, and power consuming. But now, with LCD module, TVs are made slim enough to hang on the wall and consume a fraction of energy. LCD blocks the light and uses either passive or active matrix display grid. LCD screens dominate the television market with its HD resolution.


5.      Watch

All digital watches use LCD screen to display time and sometimes even date. LCD screens allow digital watches to retain usability. It combines technology and luxury, making up the faces of most digital watches.


6.      Calculator

LCD was first used in calculators in 1970s. Approximately 95% of calculators used LCD displays during the time. With LCD display, calculators can now operate from the power of a solar cell.



Designing and implementing LCD module display require particular attention to factors, such as size, weight, cost, view ability, ruggedness, and tolerance of temperature extremes. Hence, it is important to trust only the experts in the field when it comes to your display needs.

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