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Introduction to Character LCD Display

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2018


Implements the industry-standard Hitachi HD44780 LCD display driver chip protocol.

Requires only seven I/O pins on one I/O port

Contains built-in character editor to create user-defined custom characters

Supports horizontal and vertical bar graphs


General Description

The Character LCD component contains a set of library routines that enable simple use of one, two, or four-line LCD modules that follow the Hitachi 44780 standard 4-bit interface. The component provides APIs to implement horizontal and vertical bar graphs, or you can create and display your own custom characters.


When to Use a Character LCD

Use the Character LCD component to display text data to the user of the product or to a

developer during design and debug.


Input/Output Connections

This section describes the various input and output connections available for the Character LCD.


LCD_Port – Pin Editor

The LCD uses seven consecutive pins of a physical port. To place the Character LCD onto your desired port, use the Design-Wide Resources Pin Editor. The Pin Editor allows you to place this component’s digital port on any free output port.

Note The seven pins can be placed to start at either Pin 1 or Pin 0 of the selected port, but may

not span ports. These pins are for the exclusive use of the LCD port and cannot be used for any other purpose.

No direct access to the Character LCD’s port is needed as the software APIs manage all reads and writes for you. The pin connections between an LCD module and a PSoC logical port are detailed in Functional Description.


Component Parameters


LCD Custom Character Set

This parameter enables the selection of the following options:

 None (Default) – Do not do anything with custom characters.

 Vertical Bar Graph – Generate custom characters and API to manipulate a vertical bar


 Horizontal Bar Graph – Generate custom characters and API to manipulate a horizontal

bar graph.

 User Defined –Create custom characters and API to manipulate them.

After the component has loaded in the characters, the LCD_Char_PutChar() function and the custom character constants (from the header file) can be used to display them.


Conversion Routines

Selecting the Include ASCII to Number Conversion Routines option adds several API

functions to the generated code. (Refer to the API table or function descriptions for more


information about these routines.)




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