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TFT-LCD backlight and brightness adjustment mode design

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2018

TFT-LCD panel is mainly composed of two sodium-free glass sandwich a polarizer, a liquid layer and a color filter composed of sandwich. The polarizing plate and color filer determine how much light can pass through and what colors are produced. The disadvantage of TFT-LCD is that there are obvious differences with CRT monitors in brightness, picture uniformity, viewing Angle and reaction time. The reaction time and viewing Angle depend on the quality of the LCD panel, the picture uniformity and the auxiliary optical module has a great relationship. And the brightness of the LCD mainly depends on the backlight source.



Neon tubes driven by high voltage were used as the backlight source of digital cameras in the early days of the two backlight modes of TFT-LCD. Due to the complex backlight drive circuit of neon tubes, high voltage was required and the backlight was uneven, so they have been gradually phased out. As a result, high-brightness light-emitting diodes (leds) replaced high-voltage neon tubes as the mainstream of TFT-LCD backlight drives. Semiconductor LED, especially nitride white LED, has the following advantages such as small size, low current, long life, fast response, no ststrobe, less energy consumption, long life all solid is gradually becoming a new generation of green, energy saving, environmental protection, long life all solid lighting source. TFT-LCD liquid crystal backlight source now almost all use LED backlight source.

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