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How To Clean LCD Display

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd. | Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Cleaning an electronic device is not second nature – like washing clothes or showering– but should be performed periodically. The same process can be applied to displays with cover glass and touch screen displays.

LCD Screen Cleaning Materials

There are only two items you will need when cleaning an LCD screen: A cloth, and possibly a cleaning solvent. When cleaning the display, it is important to use a soft cloth because rough items like paper towels can cause scratches and potentially damage the screen. A microfiber cloth works best, since the material is soft and lint-less, leaving no residue or other debris on the screen. If cleaning with a dry microfiber cloth alone doesn’t work, it’s possible to use a cleaning solvent.

Proper Techniques for Your LCD Display

Before cleaning the display, make sure the device is powered off. Then, wipe the display with a dry cloth to remove any dust and light debris. If any marks remain, apply a small amount of diluted water to the cloth and gently wipe the display. If the diluted water does not work, try any of the other acceptable cleaning solvents listed above.

When cleaning, never spray or apply the cleaner directly to the display: Always apply the cleaner to the cloth. It’s also important to never use more than gentle pressure when cleaning your display. Too much pressure can damage the LCD stack-up. Wiping gently in horizontal and vertical movements works best for removing most debris, while circular movements can be used to apply extra attention to trouble areas.


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